A Short Guide to Equality Risk

A Short Guide to Equality Risk offers a concise, focussed and reader-friendly treatment of the understanding and management of Equality, Diversity, and Discrimination (EDD) Risk in the (mandatory) fields of Employment and Service Provision (no matter in which sector or field these occur). This book was originally published by Gower as a part of its wide-ranging and influential Short Guides to Business Risk series.

It is now the case in the UK, the EU, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and in many other countries which implement active Human Rights Agendas that whether from a professional, business, political, social, legal, or medical viewpoint, the risks of failure of EDD compliance have escalated. These risks may take the form of heavy fines or additional (and unnecessary) costs, the possibility of damage to corporate or personal reputation, loss of sales or revenues, career damage, or the potential for loss of government or public sector contracts.

This book analyses EDD Risk and issues of Compliance associated with it. It describes the sources, types, and potential cost of EDD Risk. It suggests how EDD Risk may most effectively be managed through corporate and individual processes of governance, leadership, prioritisation, management process, and the application of risk and performance management concepts.

Written from a scholarly perspective, but with a strongly practitioner and implementation based orientation, the Short Guide to Equality Risk provides a credible, strategic, and management based overview of what has become a critically important, politically sensitive, high risk, and potentially highly damaging subject.

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