This website promotes two of Tony Morden’s professional books. These are published by Routledge.
The first book is entitled A Short Guide to Equality Risk.
The second is entitled Equality, Diversity and Opportunity Management: costs, strategies and leadership.

These two cutting edge books deal variously with issues of Equality, Diversity, Discrimination (or Anti-Discrimination), and Opportunity in the fields of employment; service provision; and public sector, healthcare, neighbourhood and community management. Concepts are analysed, principles are applied, implications for management process described, and route-maps for the practitioner suggested. There is a clear focus on delivery and on usability, and on what may necessarily be judged to be “Reasonable” or “Proportionate” courses of action in the real world.

A Short Guide to Equality Risk

Equality, Diversity and Opportunity Management:
Costs, Strategies and Leadership

Relevant, Useful, and Usable
These two Books have been written in order to meet the criteria of relevance, usefulness and usability, thus:

Relevance – these Books are directly and professionally relevant to real-world context and conditions. These real-world conditions are now characterised by the existence of a variety of equality and discrimination issues, some of which (such as racialism or forced marriage) are highly risky or dangerous to the Human Rights of the people concerned. These issues cannot be ignored and have in some way to be dealt with.

Usefulness – these Books will be useful to people, whoever they are and wherever they may be, that have a professional or role-defined responsibility to manage equality issues or their consequences; or who instead (for whatever reason) have an interest in such matters.

Usability – the ISO defines usability as ‘the extent to which a product can be used to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in its specified context of use’. Effectiveness may in turn be seen as a function of the appropriateness and cost of the item relative to its purpose and to the time constraints under which the user must operate. Usability may also be defined more specifically in terms of the accessibility, fitness for purpose, ease of use, and learnability of any human-made object.

In the case of these Books, such ease of use and learnability is relevant to their role in the process of facilitating knowledge transfer in applied, learning and practical conditions, at the same time as creating a degree of utility or satisfaction on the part of the Reader.

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These Books are also available in Kindle format, and as e-books. Author Discount does not apply to purchases of these formats.


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